[FUNDED] DESTRESS: Focus on stress for the benefit of individuals and organisations

A multidisciplinary and multisectoral consortium led by Prof. Christiaan Vinkers (Amsterdam UMC) acquired funding to develop an innovative approach to tackle stress and increase resilience within organisations. The research project DESTRESS was funded by the Dutch NWA-ORC programme. Fundament supported the consortium in all steps of the process, from drafting a convincing pre-proposal and full proposal to writing the rebuttal to reviewers’ comments and preparing for the interview.

[FUNDED] Bootstrap: Reducing the harmful effects of digitalisation on mental health in youth

Led by Prof. Naomi Fineberg from the University of Hertfordshire, an international and multidisciplinary consortium acquired funding to develop tools to reduce the harmful effects of digitalisation on young people’s mental health. At the level of the individual, the project aims to promote self-management of healthy internet behaviour. At the level of policy makers and private companies, the project will focus on improved regulation and protection of vulnerable groups. Fundament supported the consortium throughout the process of idea generation, developing a project outline for the first stage application, and co-writing the successful full proposal.

[FUNDED] SYNCLUSIVE: Closing the employment gap and creating a more inclusive labour market

An international interdisciplinary, and cross-sectoral consortium led by TNO acquired funding to test and study an innovative, integral, and interdisciplinary systems’ approach to stimulate inclusion of vulnerable groups in the labour market. The project is carried out by sixteen research, academic and stakeholder organisations and SMEs across Europe. It will use Living Labs as a central research approach. The ambition is to reduce inequalities in the labour market and promote inclusion by building active regional community coalitions in 4 Living Labs to stimulate upward mobility in organisations resulting in better access of vulnerable job seekers.