New ERC curriculum vitae format provides more flexibility

In the 2024 work programme, the ERC format provides more flexibility in describing the applicant’s CV. Scientific excellence remains the sole evaluation criterion. However, you are now free to highlight those aspects in your CV and track record that you find most relevant to show how your profile matches the proposed research.

[FUNDED] CIRCULAR: Co-creation and animal-free solutions for atrial fibrillation

A multidisciplinary and multisectoral consortium led by Prof. Bianca Brundel (Amsterdam UMC) acquired funding to study the mechanisms that drive atrial fibrillation, the most common form of cardiac arrhythmia. CIRCULAR was funded by the competitive Dutch NWA-ORC programme. Fundament supported the consortium in all steps of the process, from drafting a convincing pre-proposal and full proposal to writing the rebuttal to reviewers’ comments and preparing for the interview.

NWA-ORC insights… Part 1: the Breakthrough

In NWA-ORC the ‘breakthrough’ is introduced as the key aspect of this programme. Projects are supposed to include potential breakthroughs, be it societal ‘and/or’ scientific. What exactly is meant with this? And what does ‘and/or’ imply? Since we’re only in the second year of the programme not much can be said with certainty, but I’ll give it my best try to explain here.