[FUNDED] Obesity: Biological, socioCultural, and environmental risk Trajectories (OBCT)

Led by Dr. Jeroen Lakerveld from Amsterdam UMC, OBCT will investigate the complex and dynamic interplay between biological, sociocultural and environmental risk factors of obesity across the life course in Europe. It will then provide knowledge, maps and tools for health professionals, researchers, policymakers and the public to support the prevention of obesity. Fundament supported the consortium throughout the process of idea generation, developing a project outline for the first stage application, and co-writing the successful full proposal.

[FUNDED] PRUDENT: Prioritization, incentives and resource use for sustainable dentistry

Oral diseases rank as the 3rd most expensive to treat in the EU, affecting nearly half of its population. Despite the UN and WHO’s goal of Universal Health Coverage, many EU citizens face financial hardships accessing essential oral health care. The PRUDENT project, led by Prof. Stefan Listl from Radboudumc, seeks to bridge this gap, ensuring better oral health for all. Fundament supported the consortium throughout the process of idea generation, designing the project, supporting consortium formation and co-writing the successful proposal.

[FUNDED] RESPOND: studying mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

Under the leadership of Dr. Marit Sijbrandij from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, an international consortium acquired funding to study the effects of the pandemic and associated containment measures on mental health and wellbeing, in particular of vulnerable groups. RESPOND is the single funded project coordinated by a Dutch coordinator in this competitive Horizon2020 coronavirus-2 call. Fundament supported the consortium in drafting a convincing full proposal in the very short timeframe between call opening and deadline.