Drafting a strong research funding proposal can be challenging and time consuming. Fundament provides tailored support throughout the process from research idea to submission of the proposal, and beyond.

Content: from idea to proposal

The first step in the process towards a strong grant proposal is an honest assessment whether the research idea fits the funding programme. If there is a fit, we will work with you to take all the necessary subsequent steps.

We tailor to your (consortium’s) needs and can lead brainstorm meetings to optimize the core of the proposal and ensure all participants are in alignment. We help you to identify the key problem and link it to the solutions provided by the project. We translate research results into a plan for real impact and help to identify the tasks needed to achieve this impact.

We help you in making strategic budget decisions. If you’re going for an EU Horizon consortium grant, our Fundament budget tool allows you to distribute budget across consortium partners and manage their budget inputs in an efficient way.

We take the lead in writing specific sections of your proposal, which typically includes writing a first draft of the impact section, the management section, and the description of the consortium. We provide multiple reviews of the sections written by the PI and consortium, and provide specific suggestions for improvement. Doing this, we focus on aspects like coherence, persuasiveness, and readability. Finally, we will proofread your proposal and ensure an attractive lay-out.

Managing the process

Especially with a (large) consortium, managing the grant application process can be challenging. We make a plan with internal deadlines and make sure to remind you and your consortium partners of the next steps to take. We collect partner information in a structured manner and are available to plan and host meetings. Finally, we fill out all necessary online forms and (if you want) submit the proposal for you.

After submission

For all funding proposal support trajectories, we offer a meeting after proposal submission to evaluate the process and to discuss potential other funding programmes for your research line.

For some funding programmes, the work doesn’t end at the time of submission. If applicable, Fundament can advise you on writing your rebuttal to reviewer comments. We can help you interpret the reviewer comments and provide suggestions on how to write your response in a convincing, non-defensive manner.

If you are invited for an interview, Fundament can act as a mock committee member during your practice interview. We can then provide feedback regarding the presentation and how you came across in the discussion with the mock committee.

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