As a researcher, you need to balance your research interests with a viable funding strategy. Fundament can advise you on strategic choices in connecting the two.

Individual researcher

With individual researchers, we can discuss the optimal timing of grant proposals relative to your career stage. In doing so, we take into account your desired growth, your teaching schedule, etc. We provide specific suggestions on the steps to take to optimally prepare, such as CV building and network building. You will receive advice on the type of grants most suited to your needs and research interests, and we will brainstorm with you about the optimal positioning of your research line to increase your chances of success.

Research funding strategy for your department or institute

If you’re a head of department or director of a research institute, we can help you make an analysis of your research group and its talented (potential) PI’s. We will discuss the funding potential of the main research lines with you and identify the funding programmes most relevant to your group. A research funding strategy can be connected to a package deal to translate research ideas into excellent proposals.

For research departments, institutes or groups and faculties we can offer package deals for proposal support and reviews, either focussed on the personal grant schemes, consortium grants or a combination of both.

Internal pre-selection

In an attempt to lower the number of submitted proposals and to improve success rates, funding agencies increasingly request institutional approval of proposals. Sometimes, there even is a maximum number of proposals that can be submitted from a single institution. In other cases, institutions themselves may want to pre-select those proposals with the highest chances of success, to provide those with an official support letter.

We can provide an expert outsider perspective in this pre-selection process. Spotting the raw potential of research ideas and their fit with the funding programme, we can provide a suggestion for a rank order. Of course we will provide argumentation for this rank order and point out strong aspects as well as aspects that could be improved for each of the research ideas.

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