If your proposal is not funded, please don’t bin your research idea! Proposals that aren’t funded often contain ideas and approaches that are still highly relevant. Fundament can help you assess whether you can recycle your research idea for resubmission or for another funding programme.

Resubmission to the same programme

If you consider a resubmission of our research idea to the same funding programme, we help you to assess and analyse the evaluation report and take a critical look at the proposal. Together we will make a plan for the main items to improve the proposal as well as the items that are strong already and could use more highlighting. We work with you to implement these changes and to craft an improved, this time hopefully successful, proposal.

Recycling to a new programme

If you consider to recycle your research idea to another funding programme, we can help you decide whether that is a good idea. We look at the match of your idea to the funding programme you have in mind. Together we can work out what needs to be changed in the content in order to meet all the criteria of the new call. If necessary, we will discuss possible changes in the consortium composition with you. You now have a solid overview of necessary investments of your time and effort and the potential chances for success to decide whether or not to submit your proposal. If this is a go, we are here to help you recycle the proposal.

Interested in recycling your research idea? Contact us now!