Our services

Offering single review services, we accommodate those who need someone to mark their blind spots or showcase the strengths of their draft proposal. Furthermore, we offer support trajectories from conception of a project idea to submitting a strong proposal, and lead you through all the necessary steps. Such support can also be specifically focused on the impact section or, for consortium projects, on budgets. For others, Fundament helps to assess the match of new or previous ideas with possible upcoming European or national programme calls and make an action plan taking into account your growth as a researcher, building your research line or group and your (teaching) schedule.

For research departments, institutes or groups and faculties we can offer package deals, either focussed on the personal grant schemes, consortium grants or a combination of both. If the funding agency limits the number of proposals per institute, we can help you with internal pre-selection by providing an expert outsider perspective. Curious what Fundament has to offer for your institute, department or faculty? Contact us to discuss package deal or internal selection options.

We have in-depth expertise on European Horizon programmes (specifically grant types RIA, IA, CSA, ERC, Marie Curie Doctoral Networks, Marie Curie Fellowships) as well as NWO and ZonMw programmes (NWA-ORC, Gravitation, VENI, VIDI, VICI). In addition, we have supported European Joint Programming Initiatives (e.g. IMI), NWO KIC, Templeton Foundation, Investment grants and charitable foundations.

We work with a fixed fee for our services as a part of proposal preparation. We don’t charge success fees when your proposal is funded.