Our approach

Fundament is your critical sparring partner, providing tailored grant support on individual proposals as well as in long-term collaboration.

Match with the funding programme

We believe that, in the long run, researchers are best served with an honest reflection on the potential success of their research ideas within specific funding programmes. At an early stage, we advise you on the necessary conditions to optimize your chances for success.

We’re in for the long haul

We think of research funding in terms of a long-term project, running over the course of multiple years. To be successful in the current funding landscape, you need to think ahead. This means you anticipate in terms of interesting lines of research in areas where funding is available, collaborations with partners across sectors and disciplines, building on current projects and databases. This all takes time to build up, and most certainly you have other obligations as well. To us, it makes sense to support you along this entire journey, not only when you found an interesting call topic a couple of months (or weeks) before the deadline.

Strategic choices

As a researcher, you are challenged to make strategic choices for your own research career and potentially your research group or institute. For individual researchers, we provide tailored advice on potential recycling of your research ideas for new funding opportunities and optimal timing of grant proposals. For group leaders or heads of institute, we provide strategic advice on research lines, group composition and aligning your research to funding possibilities. Read more about strategy >

Joining forces with you

While you are the expert on the topic, we can pinpoint exactly what needs to be done in order to be successful. The scientific content comes from you and your potential consortium partners. We provide the complementary perspective of the funding agency and the committee assessing your proposal.

Research funding professionals

We apply the four eyes principle to all research proposals. This means that you will be supported by two highly experienced research funding professionals who have combined expertise in all research domains, including SSH. Having analysed hundreds of proposals in different programmes, we are experts on what evaluators are looking for. Read more about us >

Managing the process

We do what is necessary to submit an optimal proposal. This includes the communication with your consortium partners to ensure we obtain all the information needed for the grant proposal. Fundament keeps track of the process and timelines and, along the way, we make honest assessments about whether we’re still on track.

Budget tool for Horizon consortium grants

Our online Fundament budget tool for Horizon consortium grants helps you as a coordinator to keep track of the budget distribution across consortium partners and work packages. This tool is designed to compile all inputs of consortium partners into one overall budget that can be fed into the proposal. In addition, a more detailed budget overview is created that will be beneficial for project execution if your proposal is funded. Note that our budget tool also works well for topics where Lump Sum Funding is in place.


We keep open lines of communication with your internal grant support office and other support staff, where relevant. In this way we make sure that budgets and IP are compliant with your university’s or institutes internal requirements.

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