For all grant proposals, and especially those linked to societal challenges, focusing on impact is essential. This focus is an integral part of our tailored support trajectories, but for those with limited needs for support or limited resources, a specific impact support trajectory may be helpful. In this trajectory, we help you draft the path from results to outcomes to real-world impact in a convincing manner, fitting your proposal as well as the call text.

Impact brainstorms

In several sessions, we discuss the outline of the project with you, from an impact perspective. We start with the expected outcomes of the call and discuss how your project will help achieve those. Which results are needed and what tasks will deliver such results? What is the scale and significance of the impact your project will have in relation to the size of the (societal) problem to be tackled?

Together, we also make a stakeholder analysis: for whom will your project results be relevant? What effects (e.g., changes in behaviour) are you aiming for per stakeholder? And how can these different stakeholders be reached and engaged, in a way that suits their as well as your project’s needs?

Review with focus on impact

Once you’ve implemented the brainstorm ideas in your proposal draft, we review your draft. In this review, we focus on further strengthening the impact section. But we also provide comments and suggestions for the other sections, ensuring a coherent storyline throughout the complete proposal.

The Fundament impact support trajectory includes:

  • A brainstorm session to discuss the impact pathway: the key problem, expected results, medium-term outcomes, and long-term impact;
  • A brainstorm session to discuss the key stakeholders and the plan for dissemination, exploitation, and communication;
  • A review of the full proposal, providing specific suggestions for improvement.

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