Help, I’m preparing a Horizon Europe Lump Sum proposal – Part 2: The proposal

Although the first pilots already stem from 2018, Lump Sum funding is introduced in mainstream European grants starting in the 2024 calls. In Research and Innovation Action proposals, this new type of funding replaces the funding based on actual costs. The Lump Sum funding scheme is designed to simplify reporting during project execution. While this new scheme will significantly decrease financial management workload during the project, it does mean that in the proposal development stage the project budget needs to be much more elaborate than before.

lump sum funding

In our previous blog post we explained what Lump Sum funding is and what this means for budgeting for the tasks and activities in your proposed project. But Lump Sum proposals also require careful consideration of other aspects of your proposal. 

Structuring your Work Packages for Lump Sum funding

In Horizon Lump Sum funding, budget is only provided upon completion of a specific work package (WP) within a reporting period. Note that for payment of a work package, all partners need to have completed all their activities in that WP. It is therefore not a good idea to have all WPs run in parallel from project start to end: this would mean no intermediate payments.

We strongly advise to arrange your WPs according to specific milestones that will be reached during the project, and time them accordingly. This means that timing of tasks and potential interdependencies need to be discussed and agreed upon within the consortium relatively early in the proposal writing process. In addition, it may mean that many of your consortium partners are active in many WPs. For example, rather than combining all expertise on ethics in one overarching WP, ethics experts will contribute to defined milestones as a part of their activities in multiple WPs.

You can split WPs that normally run from start to end (such as management or dissemination) along the reporting periods. For example, you could include 3 management WPs, one for each reporting period. This way, the relevant activities are paid for at the end of each reporting period. To accommodate a generally higher number of work packages in Lump Sum projects, there is a slightly higher page limit for the proposal as a whole.

Need more help?

We are happy to advise on developing any Horizon Europe proposal – whether it runs with a Lump Sum or actual costs budget scheme. Our expertise includes proposal writing as well as budgeting advice, including via our online Fundament Horizon Europe budget tool. Drop us a message if you want to know more!

Author: Linde van Ittersum

Co-founder and Research Funding Professional at Fundament.

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