[FUNDED] YoPAAPE: Co-creation of activating environments with youth

An international consortium led by Prof. Mai Chin A Paw from Amsterdam UMC received funding to tailor, implement, and evaluate environmental interventions to improve the lifestyle of teenagers in vulnerable life situations. YoPAAPE will use a teen-centred co-creation approach to ensure activating interventions are designed that meet the needs and preferences of teenagers and their local communities. Fundament supported the consortium in drafting a convincing and attractive proposal with an elaborate strategy to achieving real-world impact.

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Funding programme: Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action
Duration: Jan 2023 – Dec 2027
Total budget: 3,3 M€
Consortium: 10 consortium members in 6 countries
Coordinator: Amsterdam UMC

Showcase of a successful project

YoPAAPE will focus on the sustainable improvement of healthy lifestyles and prevention of non-communicable diseases among and together with youth living in vulnerable situations in urban environments. Both high income countries (the Netherlands, Denmark) and low- and middle income countries (Nigeria, South Africa) are included as research sites where environmental interventions will be implemented. Teenagers themselves will take the lead in mapping the local context, tailoring interventions to that context, and implementing and evaluating the interventions.

The project will establish an infrastructure for teen-centred co-creation including capacity building, mentoring, and participation of teenager health advocates. This will improve the agency of teenagers in vulnerable life situations, and in the long run contribute to healthy movement behaviour and wellbeing among youth. A novel evaluation framework (SUPERAIM) will be developed to enable integrated evaluation of activating environmental interventions. All results will be integrated in an open access YoPAAPE toolbox for researchers, public health practitioners, policy makers and citizens.

What Neeltje says about supporting this proposal:

“After supporting Mai in a previous proposal, it was great to continue our collaboration. Even though both proposal ideas were completely different, as were the types of funding calls, I do feel the process for YoPAAPE benefited a lot from our established and efficient way of working together. We received the good news about the funded LABDA project while preparing YoPAAPE, which was a further boost to keep the spirits up!”

Read more about our support in preparing strong proposals.

Author: Neeltje Peters

Co-founder and Research Funding Professional at Fundament.

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