[FUNDED] U-RISE: Improving wellbeing of Ukraine’s displaced people

An international consortium led by Dr. Els van der Ven and Prof. Marit Sijbrandij from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam acquired funding to implement scalable, evidence-based mental health interventions adapted to the needs of war refugees affected by the war in Ukraine. The project will be coordinated from the Netherlands, but includes partnership with various partners in the EU including three local NGOs in Romania, Poland, and Slovakia ensuring available on-the-ground implementation. Fundament supported the consortium in drafting a convincing proposal in the short timeframe between call opening and deadline, taking into account the many specific call rules and regulations.

U-RISE project logo

Funding programme: EU4Health 2022 action grant
Duration: dec 2022 – dec 2024
Total budget: 1,4 M€ (incl. co-funding; budget received is 700 k€)
Consortium: 7 partners in 6 countries
Coordinator: VU University Amsterdam

Showcase of a successful project

U-RISE will mobilize and reinforce a European network of Ukrainian and Russian-speaking mental health professionals to promote knowledge exchange and synergy. In addition, they will build capacity for the implementation of evidence-based face-to-face psychological interventions in Romania, Poland and Slovakia, and m-health interventions across the continent. NGOs will be trained in implementing scalable WHO psychological interventions through stepped care programmes and a roadmap of mental health services will be developed to accelerate referral pathways for those in need of more intensive mental health services.

The U-RISE consortium brings together scientific expertise and practical knowledge of diverse partners. It includes key grassroots organizations and collaboration with international agencies like UNHCR and WHO. In addition, several of the key researchers involved in U-RISE are themselves displaced from Ukraine as a consequence of the war, contributing to relevant results in terms of e.g. language and cultural context.

What Els says about our support:

The support of Fundament was vital for the success of this proposal. Because Linde and Neeltje could take care of the budget and many practical components, we could focus entirely on the content.
Read more about our support in preparing strong proposals.

Author: Neeltje Peters

Co-founder and Research Funding Professional at Fundament.

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