[FUNDED] Obesity: Biological, socioCultural, and environmental risk Trajectories (OBCT)

Led by Dr. Jeroen Lakerveld from Amsterdam UMC, OBCT will investigate the complex and dynamic interplay between biological, sociocultural and environmental risk factors of obesity across the life course in Europe. It will then provide knowledge, maps and tools for health professionals, researchers, policymakers and the public to support the prevention of obesity. Fundament supported the consortium throughout the process of idea generation, developing a project outline for the first stage application, and co-writing the successful full proposal.

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Funding programme: Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action
Duration: November 2023 – November 2028
Total budget: 10 M€
Consortium: 12 consortium members in 8 countries
Coordinator: Amsterdam UMC

Showcase of a successful project

The project will advance the current understanding of obesity risks and predictors and the role of socio-economic status across the life course. It will also determine the importance of specific obesity-related behaviours to prevent obesity at key life stages, characterise obesity-related cardio-metabolic risk profiles within representative EU countries and determine the potential impact of obesity-related policies on inequality.

Key outputs will include an obesity risk screener, a digital, interactive atlas on the obesogenicity of local administrative units within the EU, tailored recommendations for dietary, physical activity, and sedentary behaviours, and a policy dashboard and toolbox.

OBCT’s outputs highlight where and in which domains obesity is to be targeted, and empower the research community, policymakers, health professionals and citizens to adapt and implement policies to reduce obesity risk, thereby helping to prevent obesity -particularly in low SEP communities – throughout Europe.

What Jeroen says about our support:

“I would certainly ask for Fundament’s support again. They have a personal, informal approach and that works great. They forced me to think about important aspects of the foreseen project even before my project partners asked about them. I furthermore liked their flexibility, and of course their experience with drafting complex budget sheets, impact sections, and handling pressing deadlines.”

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Author: Linde van Ittersum

Co-founder and Research Funding Professional at Fundament.

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