[FUNDED] KeepCaring: Improving the wellbeing of healthcare professionals in EU hospitals

Led by Prof. dr. Marlies Schijven from Amsterdam UMC, an international consortium acquired funding to develop innovative solutions to prevent burnout and improve wellbeing and resilience among (aspirant) healthcare professionals delivering surgical care in European hospitals. Solutions will be developed and tested at the individual, team, and organizational levels, and include digital and non-digital interventions. Fundament supported the consortium in translating their research and innovation ideas into an attractive and convincing proposal.

logo KeepCaring EU project

Funding programme: Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action
Duration: July 2024 – June 2028
Total budget: 6,5 M€
Consortium: 20 consortium members in 11 countries
Coordinator: Amsterdam UMC

Showcase of a successful project

Throughout Europe, healthcare professionals working in hospitals and those in training to embark on hospital careers in the surgical domains experience high levels of stress. While interventions to improve wellbeing and resilience exist, not much is known about the right (combination of) intervention(s) for professionals in aforementioned settings.

The KeepCaring consortium consists of experts in e.g., (digital) interventions, organizational psychology, stress monitoring, and AI, as well as non-academic organizations representing medical specialists, nurses, and hospital managers. Together, this international team will study stress and stressors experienced by (aspiring) healthcare providers in their specific surgical settings, and evaluate digital and non-digital solutions to reduce stress at individual and team level. The final goal is to develop a change management platform based on explainable AI to help hospital managers and healthcare providers to choose the solutions that best match their context. Importantly, all solutions as well as the change management platform are developed in co-creation with end-users. Guidance on privacy and ethics in this sensitive context is ensured.

KeepCaring will contribute to reducing burnout and improving the number of healthcare students and professionals entering and staying in the surgical domains in the hospital (operation room, hospital wards). The organizational solutions are expected to empower individuals and employers to understand and act on stressful situations in a tailored fashion. Cost-effectiveness analyses will form the basis for policy recommendations to promote sustainable uptake among policy makers, funders, and employers.

What Marlies says about our support:

Fundament has proven to be a strong and very reliable partner helping and guiding me throughout the process of this Horizon grant application -in multiple ways. They oversee what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and help provide in best content and partner search. Fundament has given me superb support whenever needed during preparation of grant -and also after being granted. I would choose this partner again and highly recommend.

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Author: Neeltje Peters

Co-founder and Research Funding Professional at Fundament.

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