[FUNDED] DESTRESS: Focus on stress for the benefit of individuals and organisations

A multidisciplinary and multisectoral consortium led by Prof. Christiaan Vinkers (Amsterdam UMC) acquired funding to develop an innovative approach to tackle stress and increase resilience within organisations. The research project DESTRESS was funded by the Dutch NWA-ORC programme. Fundament supported the consortium in all steps of the process, from drafting a convincing pre-proposal and full proposal to writing the rebuttal to reviewers’ comments and preparing for the interview.


Funding programme: NWA-ORC, Dutch Science Agenda
Duration: September 2024 – September 2034
Total budget: 12,7 M€
Consortium: 29 researchers, 6 co-funders and 20 stakeholder organisations
Coordinator: AmsterdamUMC

Showcase of a successful project

The DESTRESS consortium brings together researchers from the medical, technical, and social sciences with a diverse group of stakeholders. These stakeholders represent occupational health care providers, insurance companies, SMEs, employer and employee organisations, a range of professional organisations, governmental bodies, and mental health patient organisation MIND. Together, they aim to develop ways to recognise stress at an early stage by measuring stress signals from individual and environment. Various stress signals are brought together in a responsible manner, and analysed using AI approaches. In the end, this should enable proactive detection of stress and allow employees and employers to work together to tackle stress and increase resilience in individuals and organisations.

Tackling stress and increasing resilience is a challenge for many companies. DESTRESS foresees a societal breakthrough in sustaining individual and organisational resilience via a collaborative dialogue between employee, employer, and occupational health care provider, aided by integrated stress signals at an early stage. To enable this, the key scientific breakthrough foreseen is enabling comprehensive and dynamic assessments of stress in naturalistic daily-life settings that incorporate individual and organizational factors, and turning these into timely and actionable stress signals. To ensure the solutions provided by DESTRESS are useful and accepted for stakeholders, the project uses a co-creation approach from the outset.

What Christiaan says about our support:

“It was a pleasure to work with Fundament. Their pro-active and enthusiastic leadership, combined with knowledge of both the science and the process helped shaping both the consortium and the proposal into a very competitive one!”

Read more about our support in preparing strong proposals.

Author: Linde van Ittersum

Co-founder and Research Funding Professional at Fundament.

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