[FUNDED] Bootstrap: Reducing the harmful effects of digitalisation on mental health in youth

Led by Prof. Naomi Fineberg from the University of Hertfordshire, an international and multidisciplinary consortium acquired funding to develop tools to reduce the harmful effects of digitalisation on young people’s mental health. At the level of the individual, the project aims to promote self-management of healthy internet behaviour. At the level of policy makers and private companies, the project will focus on improved regulation and protection of vulnerable groups. Fundament supported the consortium throughout the process of idea generation, developing a project outline for the first stage application, and co-writing the successful full proposal.

Bootstrap effects of digitalisation

Funding programme: Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action
Duration: July 2023 – June 2028
Total budget: 7,5 M€
Consortium: 22 consortium members in 14 countries
Coordinator: University of Hertfordshire

Showcase of a successful project

The Bootstrap consortium combines a wide variety of expertise: psychiatry and psychology, digital assessment and technology development, machine learning, youth engagement, health economics, and digital human rights. It combines members from 2 previously funded COST actions: one on problematic usage of the internet and one on human rights law. Together, this unique multidisciplinary consortium aims to initiate health and social policy and practice change designed to reduce problematic usage of the internet.

Bootstrap will work with youth to develop a screening and assessment platform to understand which adolescents are at risk for developing problematic usage of the internet. Using artificial intelligence, the researchers predict which individual will benefit from which type of digital self-management intervention. These preventative behavioural interventions will be tested for their effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. In addition, the consortium will develop a policy toolkit in co-design with stakeholders, to promote human digital rights accountability at the local, national, and EU level.

What Naomi says about our support:

“I have no doubt that Fundament’s impressive skills and expertise in interpreting the scope of the Horizon Europe call, managing relevant consortium tasks and actual grant-writing contributed greatly to our success in obtaining this grant. As Coordinator, I found the Fundament team to be extremely responsive, flexible and efficient. They helped me a great deal, reliably ensuring all deadlines were achieved in good time and were invaluable in helping navigate administrative complexities including preparing the budget across a large number of diverse national centres. Moreover, they were extremely collegial and a great pleasure to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fundament and would personally work again with them like a shot on any similar future project.”

Read more about our support in preparing strong proposals.

Author: Neeltje Peters

Co-founder and Research Funding Professional at Fundament.

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