Budget support

A sensible and realistic budget is essential for all grant proposals. Budget advice and preparing budget tables for the proposal is an integral part of our full support trajectories, but for coordinators of consortium projects who primarily need budget-related support, a specific budget support trajectory may be helpful.

Strategic budget advice

Starting from the overview of activities and consortium partners, we advise on the division of the total project budget into partner- and WP-specific estimates. Doing this, we take into account the proportion of work to be done by each partner and the differences in rates for personnel and materials per country. Furthermore, we help you negotiate budgets with your project partners, always following the ‘money follows tasks’ principle.

We are experts on the ever-changing rules and regulations related to budget aspects such as subcontracting, contributing third parties, eligibility of partners, etc. With our support, you are sure that all project-related costs are covered, such as (travel to) consortium meetings, audit costs, project management, and communication and dissemination costs.

Fundament budget tool

Our dedicated Horizon budget tool is specifically designed to support the drafting of European consortium project budgets, whether they are based on actual costs or on lump sum funding. As coordinator you gain full control over budget allocations per partner and per work package for the tasks to be done, while collecting partner-specific budget details in Horizon format directly through the online tool. Financial advisors from the coordinating institute as well as consortium partners are provided with direct access to the budget tool. Eliminating calculation errors and annoying Excel sheets, the Fundament budget tool provides the exact cost reports needed for the proposal.

The Fundament budget support trajectory includes:

  • Advice on total requested budget;
  • Meetings to provide strategic advice on and drafting of budget distributions;
  • Access to our online Fundament budget tool;
  • Collecting partner-specific budget details from all consortium partners;
  • Concrete solutions for specific budget aspects such as subcontracting tasks, contributions of third parties, ineligible consortium members;
  • Support budget negotiations with consortium partners, informed by clear overviews of budget distributions;
  • Coordinator control to assess budget claims made by partners;
  • All reports for the proposal online forms, budget Excel, and implementation section of the proposal.

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