[FUNDED] RESPOND: studying mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

Under the leadership of Dr. Marit Sijbrandij from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, an international consortium acquired funding to study the effects of the pandemic and associated containment measures on mental health and wellbeing, in particular of vulnerable groups. RESPOND is the single funded project coordinated by a Dutch coordinator in this competitive Horizon2020 coronavirus-2 call. Fundament supported the consortium in drafting a convincing full proposal in the very short timeframe between call opening and deadline.

NWA-ORC insights… Part 2: The knowledge chain

NWA-ORC is the largest funding programme related to the Dutch National Science Agenda. All research topics are welcomed, as long as they are connected to the NWA. An important criterion is that the consortium should consist of partners spanning the entire knowledge chain. But what is this knowledge chain and how should you take it into account when drafting your proposal?

NWA-ORC insights… Part 1: the Breakthrough

In NWA-ORC the ‘breakthrough’ is introduced as the key aspect of this programme. Projects are supposed to include potential breakthroughs, be it societal ‘and/or’ scientific. What exactly is meant with this? And what does ‘and/or’ imply? Since we’re only in the second year of the programme not much can be said with certainty, but I’ll give it my best try to explain here.

ERC online administrative forms… Prepare in advance

It would be wise to prepare the online administrative forms well in advance of the deadline. While the forms are really not that complex and filling them will only take up as much as an hour of your time maximum, they might have implications for the evaluation of your proposal. So, it is not really the task to do when you feel brain-dead from working on your proposal. Here are some things to consider when filling them out.