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Linde van Ittersum

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View Lindes profileLinde van Ittersum research funding professional at Fundament

Linde (1985) is a strong conceptual thinker with excellent skills in translating research outcomes into a plan for real impact. With her background in Liberal Arts, she is one of the few research funding professionals with vast experience in drafting proposals in the domain of Social Sciences and Humanities. Having worked as a strategist for an FP7 project on EU health systems policy she is also very comfortable working in other domains. While she has a glorious track record in ERC and RIA funded project proposals, she has a thing for collaborative strategy development, both for institutes and individual researchers. Linde has worked as a research funding professional since 2010 and has since developed a strong sense of what European and Dutch funding organisations are looking for. Her insight into societal impact comes in handy for a wide array of funding programmes.

Neeltje Peters

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View Neeltjes profile Neeltje Peters research funding specialist at Fundament

Neeltje (1980) has excellent skills in managing complicated grant application processes. She has vast experience in spotting the raw potential of research ideas and loves working with researchers to translate these ideas into strong grant proposals. Neeltje has a PhD in neurobiology and worked as a programme officer at a Dutch national funding agency. In her >10 years career in research funding, she developed expertise in a range of national and European funding programmes. For example, she is highly specialized in Marie Curie Network grants, having analysed over 100 evaluation reports to truly understand what evaluators are looking for. She supported multiple successful proposals including RIA, CSA, NWO Gravitation and of course Marie Curie Networks. Coming from a scientific background, she can easily relate to researchers in many fields, such as medical and life sciences, beta sciences and psychology.

Clients we worked with

We serve an international clientele, reaching researchers from across Europe and beyond (USA, Canada, Australia, Israel and several African countries). We are accustomed to work with university-based researchers, research units of large enterprises, SME owners, etc. Furthermore, our network includes many patient- and professional organizations.