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Neeltje Peters and Linde van Ittersum | Fundament Research Funding and Grant support
Neeltje Peters and Linde van Ittersum

Fundament consists of a small and highly experienced team of research funding professionals. You can be sure that you’ll work with the two of us. We have combined expertise in all research domains, including SSH. Having worked at a university’s research support office, we think we understand the needs of individual scientists, research groups and institutes. We have ample experience in a wide range of funding programmes, including EU Horizon (Societal Challenges, ERC, Marie Curie Networks or Fellowships) and Dutch NWO (VENI, VIDI, VICI, NWA-ORC, KIC, Gravitation). More about us >


Help, I’m preparing a Horizon Europe Lump Sum proposal – Part 2: The proposal

Although the first pilots already stem from 2018, Lump Sum funding is introduced in mainstream European grants starting in the 2024 calls. In Research and Innovation Action proposals, this new type of funding replaces the funding based on actual costs. The Lump Sum funding scheme is designed to simplify reporting during project execution. While this new scheme will significantly decrease financial management workload during the project, it does mean that in the proposal development stage the project budget needs to be much more elaborate than before.
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[FUNDED] DESTRESS: Focus on stress for the benefit of individuals and organisations

A multidisciplinary and multisectoral consortium led by Prof. Christiaan Vinkers (Amsterdam UMC) acquired funding to develop an innovative approach to tackle stress and increase resilience within organisations. The research project DESTRESS was funded by the Dutch NWA-ORC programme. Fundament supported the consortium in all steps of the process, from drafting a convincing pre-proposal and full proposal to writing the rebuttal to reviewers’ comments and preparing for the interview.
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