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Neeltje Peters and Linde van Ittersum | Fundament Research Funding and Grant support
Neeltje Peters and Linde van Ittersum

Fundament consists of a small and highly experienced team of research funding professionals. You can be sure that you’ll work with the two of us. We have combined expertise in all research domains, including SSH. Having worked at a university’s research support office, we think we understand the needs of individual scientists, research groups and institutes. We have ample experience in a wide range of funding programmes, including Horizon (Societal Challenges, ERC, IMI, Marie Curie Networks or Fellowships) and NWO (VENI, VIDI, VICI, NWA-ORC, Gravitation). More about us >


[FUNDED] YoPAAPE: Co-creation of activating environments with youth

An international consortium led by Prof. Mai Chin A Paw from Amsterdam UMC received funding to tailor, implement, and evaluate environmental interventions to improve the lifestyle of teenagers in vulnerable life situations. YoPAAPE will use a teen-centred co-creation approach to ensure activating interventions are designed that meet the needs and preferences of teenagers and their local communities. Fundament supported the consortium in drafting a convincing and attractive proposal with an elaborate strategy to achieving real-world impact.
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[FUNDED] U-RISE: Improving wellbeing of Ukraine’s displaced people

An international consortium led by Dr. Els van der Ven and Prof. Marit Sijbrandij from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam acquired funding to implement scalable, evidence-based mental health interventions adapted to the needs of war refugees affected by the war in Ukraine. The project will be coordinated from the Netherlands, but includes partnership with various partners in the EU including three local NGOs in Romania, Poland, and Slovakia ensuring available on-the-ground implementation. Fundament supported the consortium in drafting a convincing proposal in the short timeframe between call opening and deadline, taking into account the many specific call rules and regulations.
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